Top 3 questions to ask your wedding photographer in 2022

If you are planning a wedding one of the things going through your brain, are what kind of questions you need to ask when searching for a wedding photographer and I am here to help you out with that. Your wedding photographer is with you most of the day and holds one of the most important jobs which is capturing your big day, so you want to make sure your wedding images are in good hands. 

When looking for a photographer the first thing you want to ask is do they have backup gear

Why is this important? Well if your photographer only has one camera, one memory card and one battery what happens when the battery dies or the memory card becomes full or even the camera just stops working. If they have no backup gear then you are not getting ANY wedding images from that point on. Say their camera stops working during the getting ready process , then nothing else of your big day is going to be captured. What a nightmare!! 

You want to make sure your photographer has multiple camera bodies, a lot of memory cards, and tons of batteries. Also you would want to make sure that they have Flashes incase you are in a dark setting, which leads me to the next question you want to ask…

Can I see a few full galleries of weddings?

This is SO important, you want to make sure that the person you are hiring can 1. Capture the style you want from start to finish &  2. You want to make sure that they can light up dark spaces enough to match their style.  You as a bride want to make sure that you love every part of the wedding gallery so that you aren’t disappointed when your gallery is delivered. 

And lastly you want to ask about a second shooter!

Having a second shooter really makes sure that every angle of your big day is captured and you get a lot of variety in your wedding gallery. I always make my second shooter shoot the exact opposite of me, so if I am shooting up close, they are getting a wide shot. It also ensures that I get to be with the bride while she is getting ready and the second shooter gets to be with the groom. Another big plus to having a second shooter is that you are going to get so many different angles of your ceremony as well which is something that I love when looking through a wedding gallery. 

What is a second shooters role? 

A second shooter is hired through your main photographer and is probably included in some of their wedding packages. The second shooter will capture different angles of your big day and the main photographer that you hired will do all of the editing and delivering of the gallery… so don’t worry about getting different styles. 

I love getting to help out brides so please keep checking back on my blog for more tips and wedding advice.


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