A Golden Sunset , Kroger Bouquet and Stunning Model …

Hey Y’all!

Historic Yorktown has such a vast variety of scenery from beaches, trails, buildings, and a spot that the golden sun gleams through perfectly at sunset. I believe that I will always have a love for the beauty that Yorktown has to offer and after 5 days of straight up rainy weather, the sun finally came out so I knew I wanted to do something creative. Kroger….we all know that grocery store.. well they have the prettiest florals soooo I grabbed 2 and ran straight to the car. I must say that I love having a friend that is down to throw on a maxi dress at 40 degrees and get right in front of my camera at any given moment. Mayce is someone that has had SUCH a positive influence on my life in the last year by being there to help me in more ways than I can count. The last year for me has been rather rough, lets face it… anxiety and depression is REAL and I am proud to say that I have overcome that part in my life and I am a much more happy and positive person. We all need a friend like Mayce in our lives and I am just forever thankful that God blessed me with a friend like her. So enjoy these wonderful images we got on the only sunny day in what feels like forever…

Mayce’s Instagram: @Mayce.Tipton

April 13, 2019

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