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Hey Y’all !

I’m Makayla but you can call me Mak for short. I am 22 years old with a passion for capturing pure love and happiness from my couples and the true beauty of my sweet seniors. You can also find me in the surgical room of an oral and maxillofacial surgeons office on weekdays…. I like to think I get the best of both worlds within my life and that is something that I will appreciate forever.

Photography is something that has always sparked a very high interest for me since middle school. For as long as I can remember I would always ask my parents for a new camera and it was not till recently that I actually wanted to learn how to fully use my camera to it’s highest potential. One thing is certain, I love the golden sunlight and I love capturing the love that two people share for each other…. don’t worry… I will even shed the happiest of tears with you at your wedding because lets face it….. IM A SUCKER FOR A FATHER DAUGHTER DANCE, THEY GET ME EVERYTIME.


I have the best little photog friends that we just thrive off of each other and I am truly so blessed that god has brought these two amazing people into my life….DRUMROLL PLEASE.

*cue true friend by Hannah Montana * ( if you know that song consider us bffs)

My sweet red-headed bestie Olivia is seriously the most kind hearted person that I have ever met and did I mention she is STUNNING. If you are reading this Liv, thank you for always being there for me and being my best friend always.

…and here is Chantel , my best friend since MIDDLE SCHOOL. From sleepovers , to late night running the streets Chantel is that friend that is down to do anything. She is free-spirited but also is there for you at any given time of life. Whether we talk everyday or time to time again she will always be there for me. So Thank you both for coming into my life when you did, I can’t wait to see where our friendship takes us. You two are the most genuine people I have ever met and I would not trade our friendship for anything in the world.


Thank you for taking the time to visit my virtual little home. I look forward to blogging all of my sessions and taking you along with me every step of the way.


God bless and wishing you all the best.


  • Mak




April 12, 2019

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